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6/19/2015 05:51:00 pm natticorn 34 Comments

Hey lovelies,

For the past week, I've been so caught up in my end of semester exams (yay they are finally over!!!), that i haven't had time to do anything but study :(

However, they were over yesterday so today, i bring you...

My Favourite "Pamper Yourself" Products.

These things are my current favourite products i use to destress, relax, and paper myself after a huge assessment, exam or just when I'm bored hahah.

T2 "Strawberries and Cream" Tea and Skinny Tea-Tox Loose Leaf Tea Filter
The first thing i do after i take a shower is to boil some water and make a HUGE cup of tea! If you know if the shop, T2, which sells just about every flavour tea imaginable, you would know that it is almost impossible to pick a favourite. But the current one i found myself drinking a lot is Strawberries and Cream!

Its just the perfect mix of sweet and fresh, infused with hibiscus petals, rosehips, apple, strawberries and yogurt ... reminding me of summer (which is much needed in the coldness right now)!

I put the lose leaves in this cute strawberry loose leaf filter from Skinny Tea-Tox and i think its just adorable! The filter is pretty big, which lets you put as much (or as little) loose leaves you want!!

Champagne Strawberry Soy Candle

While i wait for my tea to brew, i go in my room and light a candle. The one I'm currently obsessed with is champagne strawberry. I got this at the flea market which my uni has on every Tuesday of the month, which kills me inside overtime i use it because I'm not sure if ill be able to buy more (note, always buy 2 of anything at flea markets which you love). This is a handmade soy candle, which smells exactly like strawberry champagne (hahah i love strawberries ok). Plus the packaging is adorable so i can reuse it for my vanity after i finish burning it!

Victoria Secret Sheet Love Ultra Moisturising Hand and Body Cream

Before i pick out my pjs, i apply this Victoria Secret Sheer Love Ultra Moisturising Hand and Body Cream. To be honest its not the most moisturising body cream out there (the Body Shops ones will always be my favourite) But i love the scent! Its a fresh mix of white cotton and pink lily, and formulated with avocado, almond oils and honey.

GlamGlow YouthMud

Omg, guys can we just talk about this mask for a minute. Its the Glamglow YouthMud, and my holy grail mask which i use the night before i have anything important. Its a 10 minute mask which leaves your skin instantly brighter, softer, reduces your pores and gets rid of black heads. If you don't have this mask,  GO BUY IT NOW!!! I promise its worth every single penny!!!! Its made without paragons, sulphites and phthalates, which are nasty chemicals for your skin, and its made in the USA, so you know it is good!!

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat (pinky), Sally Hansen Completely Salon Manicure 380 Peach of Cake (index finger), OPI Rose of Light (middle finger), Accent Nail (ring finger). Note: All one coat

While i wait for my mask to dry i start doing my nails. This is my current favourite nail combo, even tho its winter outside i still love the soft summer colors (if you can rock it, then why not?). I start of with my one coat of my holy grail base coat, OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. After that i do 2 layers of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in the shade 380 Peach of Cake (such a cute name right?!). And lastly, i love the look of alternate accent nails, so on every second finger i put one coat of OPI Rose of Light, just to give my nails some wow factor.

I'm a pretty impatient person, but i love the fact that OPI and Sally Hansen polishes are really quick to dry so it reduces the amount of times i touch stuff and ruin my nails (#firstworldproblems).

Origani Hand and Nail Perfection Cream

By the time i finish my nails and they dried, my mask would be ready to wash off. So after i wash my face, clean my nails and I'm sure I'm not going to be washing my hands, i put on my hand cream. This hand cream is from Origani Hand and Nail Perfection Cream. Its enriched with shea butter, lavender extract and jojoba, and let me tell you. It smells soo unbelievably good that it will leave you smelling your hands all day (hahaha). This product is also made in Australia, so you know that the quality is good, safe and your supporting local manufacturing (yay to the economy!).

Burt's Bes Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

By now, I'm tucked in bed with my laptop typing this blog (hahah, inception right here), and the last thing i do before i sleep is put on lip balm. My holy grail lip balm which I've repurchased a billion times is the Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil. I've been using this lip balm for years, and I've never found anything that compares, its 100% natural, made completely out of good ingredients for your lips, and this one give your lip a nice tint of pinkness which is perfect for those no makeup days. However, i will comment on the smell which smells like Chinese green oil! But once you put it on your lips you don't smell it so i guess thats okay!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and found some products which you would like to try out in your pamper sessions! If you want me to narrow it down to my top essential product that you need.. it has to be the GlamGlow Youthmud Mask. That stuff is out of this world!!!

Whats your must have pamper yourself products? and If you tried any products that i mentioned, tell me what you think below! or Tweet/Instagram me on my social media links!

Product Mentioned:
T2 Tea: Strawberries and Cream
Skinny Tea-Tox Loose Leaf Tea Filter
Handmade Soy Candle: Champagne Strawberry: UNSW Flee Market, First Tuesday Every Month
Victoria Secret Sheer Love Ultra Moisturising Hand and Body Cream
Glamglow YouthMud
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 380 Peach of Cake
OPI Rose of Light
Origani Total Care Kit for Nails and Hands
Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil 

Until next time,
natalie xx


  1. Glamglow products are just amazing!! I use their daily face scrub and it's the bomb!! I love Victoria's Secret creams too. Great post!
    xo Kiki

    1. ohhhh I've been dying to try their daily face scrub!!!!
      Thank you xx

  2. Very relaxing pamper routine! I want to try the Burt Bee's lip balm, I hope they sell them here!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    1. they are the best! you have to get them! i think a few places might have them online for worldwide shipping too :)

      Thank you xx

  3. Produros maravilhoso amei a resenha bom final de semana

  4. When it comes to pampering, I'm all for luxurious candles.. so it's lovely to see one featured in this post! :) Have a fantastic weekend!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  5. omg I love T2!!
    Me and my mum is obsessed with their teapots and tea <33
    Thanks for checking out my blog btw


  6. VS Sheer Love is probably one of my most favourite scent from them. I really like that, and also 'Such A Flirt'! :)

    xx ieyra | babysoulz.blogspot.com

    1. i havent smelt that one but ill make sure i do when i go back there!!

      Thank you xx

  7. i already feel so pampered looking at your post :)

  8. yay for exams being over! i had a pamper night when i finished mine too, love the sound of these products you have used :)

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
    Facebook + Instagram

    1. finishing exams has to be one of my favourite feelings ever!

      Thank you xx

  9. Wow, love it!!
    If you have some time, could you please like my Facebook page? It would mean so much to me <3

  10. Congrats on finishing writing all those exams! Hope you did well on all of them :-)

    Great post!

    hannie from HUEMORIST

    1. haha i hope i did well too!

      Have a good week xx

  11. great products!!! beautiful nail polish!


    1. they are my favourite shades right now!!

      Thank you xx

  12. I love pampering myself :) great products, girl.

  13. That candle sounds amazing! I always light a candle when I'm trying to relax :)

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  14. Really love your picks ! xo
    Can we follow eachother ? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo


  15. After long exams, you totally deserve to relax! Good for you. Everything in this post looks amazing and so relaxing. I want to try that tea so badly-it sounds like it would taste delicious :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

    1. Thank you! You should defy try the tea its so nice!!

  16. This tea sounds so tasty and relaxing for a pampering evening! Congrats on finishing your exams!! xo

    adorn la femme