Favorite Fame & Partner Dresses + SALE

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Hey my little lovelies, 

Last night, i was accepted to Fame & Partners "Fame Chain", which is a society of bloggers which encompasses which Fame & Partner is all about.

So to celebrate this and the exciting formal season that is approaching us (i know its months away but we all procrastinate looking at nice dresses right?), i have picked out my top 5 favourite dresses from Fame & Partners for any occasion.

Also, right now they are having a exclusive 15% off their dresses so you can use that extra cash for a limo or a statement jewellery piece, to make your special day that much more magical!


Vee - Fame & Partners. To me is the definition of the perfect  dress to wear on your Sweet 16th, 18th, or 21st birthday. Its a perfect, youthful magenta pink, and the sweetheart neckline, structured notice and a hint of flare from your waist gives you a timeless and fun vibe on your birthday.

Pair this dress with nude/black strappy heels, simple dainty gold jewellery, simple 'no makeup' makeup, soft curls/simple undo, and you'll shine just as much as the stars!!

                                                                                              Betty Lace Two Piece

Betty Lace Two Piece - Fame and Partners. Two pieces are completely in right now, however, being able to find one for a classy formal event is really difficult, some are cropped too short, some have plunging necklines, some are too tight and the list goes on...

However, this two piece is extremely classy, perfect for a formal dinner or a wedding. The front only shoes bit of skin above your belly button and its neckline isn't revealing at all, however, when you turn around there unlined lace back has a shorter cut out then the front and the slit from the pencil skirt adds a touch of sexy to this piece.

Style this with nude heels, red lips, side braid/beachy curls and a statement ring to give this look bit edge.

                                                                                      Shimmer Genie

Shimmer Genie - Fame and Partners. This dress is stunning, it has everything that a year 12 formal dress has, sparkles, cut outs, length and neckline. The thing i love most about this dress is that it reminds of simple old hollywood glamour (think, Taylor Swift + Marilyn Monroe).

The dress features sequinned cut outs, with a flattering v neckline that doesn't reveal too much or too little, the thin spaghetti straps and high back gives a effortlessly beautiful vibe, combined with a mermaid bottom which hugs to your butt making it look round and big before flaring out.

Wear this with black pumps, a deep red lippie and a sleek undo and rock the new old school glamour look!


Lynette - Fame and Partners. For you plus size girlies, don't think I've forgotten about you! How gorgeous is this dress?! Its perfect to rock at your formal, with its bold color and flattering design, you'll have the dress (and the body!) that every girl envies!

The dress hangs on to all the right areas, accenting the curves and shape of larger women. The lace back, sleeves, and waist cut outs combined with the thigh high leg slit enforce the power and sexiness of curvy ladies. The waist cut out helps tighten your waist for a even better hourglass body shape! 

Pair this dress with gold accented heels, a bold lip and polished 50s curls swept to the side for a glamorous edition to this dress. 

                                                                            Foral Moon

Foral Moon - Fame and Partners. To me, this dress just screams 'dinner on the beach by the moonlight with your lover', it might be the plunging neckline, or the scrappy back, or the flowy bottom or maybe the light formal design... but just staring at this dress relaxes me.

The thin straps at your back and the relaxed bottom gives this dress the most delicate and romantic look ever! the plunging neckline and almost bare back gives the dress a glimpse of hotness to this otherwise innocent, beach look.

Keep your hair in its natural state after you go to the beach (or fake beach waves at home) add in a couple of lose voluminous braids, black strappy heels, and the most kissable gloss on your lips and your all set for a romantic evening with your special someone. 

And that is my favourite 5 dresses which you can all find at Fame & Partners, with worldwide shipping, customisable options and dresses for every occasion, it was so hard to pick only 5 dresses from their collection. 

I hope this helps with anyone who was wondering about their dresses, or just looking for dresses for their upcoming event! 

Also, Fame & Partners dresses are 15% off for a limited time so go have a browse and get them on sale! You can find them by clicking on any of the dresses i mentioned (links below) or by the Fame Chain badge on the side!

Whats your favourite formal dress? Let me know below or on my social media!

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Until next time, 
natalie xx  

This is not sponsored, all opinions are my own and i was not offered any compensation for this post, i just wanted to share with you my favourite dresses, seeing that they are on sale right now :)


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    Love that black dress :D

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  6. Beatiful looks! Dresses perfect! I loved!
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  11. those dresses are stunning, love all of them
    kisses from Italy

  12. those dresses are stunning, love all of them
    kisses from Italy

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